Eight years ago I had a BIG national-chain pizza problem because I’d run a long time and then get shitty delivery because I was ALSO addicted to those coupons where you get unlimited mediums and/or wings for $5.99 each or something terrible like that. And I was also pretty hungry. I thought to myself “How hard can pizza be?” So I started playing around. Four years passed. Then the pandemic hit, and I needed to keep busy. So here we are.

I guess this is “underground pizza.” If you like it tell your friends and come back for more! But also if you don’t like it, I want you to have your money back! Pizza is such a subjective, personal thing, so it’d be NICE if you liked it, but I get it if you don’t.

And if you really like it, throw a party here if you want.


“we make wood fired pizza thin crust I’ve been doing it for 10 years and can say that pizza looks like shit.”

- reddit dude with pizza experience

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